Friday, January 27, 2012

Why I Have The Best Job

In this day and age of social media and webinars and teleconferences and such, I feel my job is a little old school which may be a little new school for some.  My job is basically to connect people.  You know what I mean?  In the same room, not just names on a screen.  Now that sounds pretty easy but I have to come up with ways to connect people which sometimes is a little difficult with all the demands for time people have.  Specifically, my job is to connect family business owners, leaders, key employees, next gens’ and others.  So the challenges are scheduling - when would be “convenient” for them to come and topics that “might” interest them. 

So why do I have the best job?  Because of the outcome that I can see from actually accomplishing it, maybe even the thanks from the owners when they are connected to someone that can help.  Family Business Owners I have to say are amazing people, and seriously it doesn’t matter which generation.  Some are amazingly creative, entrepreneurial, some are great leaders, and some are finding their way.  But mostly they are nice, yes I mean actually nice.  People you want to be around, people you want to talk to, learn from, listen to, take a tour of the business.  Seriously I know that sounds corny but they have incredible stories, values, are humble and so proud of the people (family) that have come before them. 

So back to my job…. this week was especially showing, I attended two webinars and a teleconference.  Ho Hum…. looking at a screen, listening on the telephone, now granted they were educational and necessary and I did get tidbits from them that I will share soon but no connection was made.   Fortunately one of the webinars, I had three business owners in the room with me.  We did communicate a little throughout the webinar, about what we were hearing so that was good and it made it even more worthwhile. 

In the past few years NYFBC has been able to connect some well known business owners with each other and they have benefited from those connections.  We are very proud of that.  When we have an event someone new is always there and makes a connection with someone else.  It is “nice” to see. 

So next time you have a free morning instead of signing up for a webinar come to one of the NYFBC meetings and meet someone new, see someone from the past.  Connect, reconnect, share, learn from your peers.  Visit our website and see what topic might interest you, you never know who you will see there. 

Loving My Job – Donna

Monday, January 23, 2012

Next Gen Mini Retreat

Al Kryger (Senior Generation)
Sam Kryger (Next Generation)
Missing from Photo Wes Kryger (Next Generation)

Friday, January 20th the Next Generation group held a mini retreat at the Hope Lake Lodge (Greek Peak).  The Krygers, the family behind this incredible resort, were very generous and supplied a beautiful conference room and a delicious continental breakfast.  

2011 ended with the group not meeting in November and December, therefore, the first hour or so was spent with catching up with their businesses and even personal lives.  After the break The Leading Element, Katie Doucette, Susan Burgess & Michael D’Eredita facilitated a session in discussing possible concerns and the successes in the transition of leading their family business.  Each attendee had insights and anecdotes to share with the others.  The bond that this group shares is somewhat unique as they are all from different industries but their commonality is family.  Each time they meet they walk away with something they can use personally or professionally.  In family business the line between personal and profession usually isn’t too thick, and sometimes can be blurred.

This particular group has been meeting for over a year now, frequently new members enter the group and are immediatly welcomed and it is exciting to watch them begin to do business together and offer ideas and suggestions not only with the family dynamics but sometimes with business situations also.

I look forward to 2012 and playing my small role in bringing this group together monthly.